When a new Apple device is purchased, the user gets five free gigabytes of storage in addition to what their device holds. That’s a great deal for those who don’t want to spend the money on premium cloud storage. After all, why pay for something that can be had for free? The problem is, most users are going to get an icloud storage full message before too long. There are a few steps users can take to free up a little or a lot of space on their device or their cloud storage.

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Backups take up quite a bit of space. Each device has a certain set of folders that are backed up and stored in the cloud. One important detail to remember is that the five free gigabytes of storage is per user account, not per device. That means each device is storing its backups in the same space. If a device has been retired, there’s no need to keep old files. Removing older backups from a current device and those from devices that have been retired will clear up a considerable amount of storage space, which means no icloud storage full message anytime soon.

Local storage is at a little less of a premium than icloud memory. Clearing room on the device isn’t as vital as clearing room on the cloud, but some users still need to make a little room. Removing unused apps is the best place to start. News feeds and magazine subscriptions take up quite a bit of space, and removing these apps should make a big difference. Voicemails and text messages are a common cause of dwindling storage space. Deleting old voicemails and setting text messages to auto-delete will help save local storage for more important things.

Alternative Cloud Storage is something all users should consider. There are plenty of options out there for thrifty users who don’t want to buy premium storage space for their new Apple device. Service providers such as DropBox can help users store their pictures and files so they can avoid the dreaded icloud full message. Most users who take quite a few pictures run out of storage quickly, which makes the idea of picture-oriented storage a great idea, especially if it saves money.

It’s always a good idea to have a little room left online or in local storage. There’s no telling when that little bit of storage is going to come in handy. Using these steps, and others available online, should help users keep more than enough room in the cloud or on their device to do whatever they need to.

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